About the Journal

FSTPT International Journal of Transportation Studies publishes cross-disciplinary research results, which are original works in the field of transportation. Domains include engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, network science and complex systems, road pavement materials, traffic safety issues, and the impact of transportation on the environment.

The paper reported that innovative methodologies, the original data, and new empirical findings is expected.

Journal accepts various types of articles, including:

Articles and Manuscripts: The reported original data analysis and theoretical advance or methods (including applying the method in a new way or a new question), respond to a question or two and usually more than 2000 words (4000-10000 common word, but there is no specific number of words ).

Works Review: A comprehensive and authoritative describe the subject within the scope of the journal. They have an educational purpose and are usually in the order of 5,000 words, but there is no specific number of words.

Contact: briefly document the original data analysis (generally using established methods and test theory proposed earlier), generally under 2000 words.

Methods: The present experimental or statistical methods, tests, or procedures (e.g., protocol GIS or web interface), generally use the newly acquired datasets. The methods described may be either completely new or perhaps improve existing techniques. It is generally under 2000 words.

Viewpoint (Comments and discussion)
There is an argument in the article that is not necessarily based on practical research. Article discussion can report on all aspects of the subject, including theoretical, sociological, and ethical aspects. Viewpoint and focus comments and opinions about certain issues within the journal's scope and about 1,000 words.

Discussions (giving opinions, reactions, critical assessment, and link/connection to the ideas and other subfields): commented on previously published papers, which the original author's response can accompany.

Review books: summarizing and commenting on the recently published book, usually 1000-1500 words.

Journal is published by Forum Studi Transportation antar Perguruan Tinggi