Review Process

Our goal is to oversee the review process with a focus on fairness, timeliness, and thoroughness in line with the peer-review editorial process. Our approach to reviews is outlined as follows:

  • Each submission to the Jurnal Teknobisnis goes through a blind review. The Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editors first evaluate the suitability of the manuscript. If it fits, it is then sent to reviewers for evaluation and comments. Based on their feedback, the Editor-in-Chief decides acceptance, revision recommendation, or rejection.
  • Reviewers are asked to provide their feedback using a given review form. However, there is room for extended comments in some cases.
  • We aim to provide an initial decision on all submissions within two to three months. If a rejection is based on the editor's assessment after the initial review, it is typically quicker.

If an article needs minor revisions, authors usually have two months to submit the revised version. For major revisions, the typical allowance is three months. Authors can ask for extensions when necessary. When sending revisions, authors should also include a separate document explaining how they have addressed each concern raised by the reviewers in the revised paper.