Designing A Technology-Based Supply Chain Resilience Strategy in the Beauty Industry Against Pandemic Disruption


  • Annisa Nurul Aini
  • Suparno


beauty industry supply chain, supply chain resilience, post-covid-19, best-worst method, ELECTRE


The case of Covid-19 decreases day but day, but customer behavior has changed into covid behavior which shifted into technology. While the supply chain remains vulnerable, much research conducted proposes resilience enhancing strategies applied into technology. Therefore, this research focuses on designing a framework that contains technology-based strategies to increase supply chain resilience of the beauty industry starting from the proactive, concurrent, and reactive phases using the Best-Worst Method and ELECTRE. Three major steps were carried out for this research, starting with step (1) analyzing and identifying risks and strategies that affect the resilience of the beauty industry supply chain, (2) weighting the risks using the Best-Worst Method, and (3) ranking the strategies toward the risks using ELECTRE. At the end of the research, a framework which contains supply chain resilience strategies has been formed through identifying and weighting risk, as well as identifying and prioritizing the strategies. The riskiest risk is short product cycle, and the highest strategies rank are collaboration, knowledge, financial strength, and others.