Integer Programming Application for Optimizing Line Balancing as Output Function in Bogie Carset Industry


  • Muhammad Zainuddin Fathoni
  • Nurhadi Siswanto


Line Balancing, Line Efficiency, Production Process, Standard Time, Integer Programming


PT. BI is a company engaged in manufacturing bogie carset, at PT. BI, each work activity does not have the same operating time, and there is no standard time for each of its operations. Therefore, there is often an imbalance in each workstation. If continuous, it can lead to ineffective and inefficient production lines. The determination of production output is not well planned and only based on trial and error, resulting in the line's low efficiency. Mathematical integer programming will be used to determine the placement of activities on each workstation and the optimal output that can improve the efficiency of the track. This technique will be applied by taking a sample product from the company under study. The study showed a time efficiency of 25.81 minutes in line balancing side frame product. Meanwhile, there is a time efficiency of 1.745.9 minutes for bolstering product line balancing. The maximum output for side-frame products is 49 units/week, while the total number of bolster products is 29 units/week.