Selection of Remote-Control Tie Switch Installation Location Using AHP-Promethee Method


  • Pramudya Nur Perdana
  • Vita Ratnasari


Tie-Switch, AHP, Promethee, Net Flow, Reliability


Remote-Control Tie Switch (RCTS) installation is one of the solutions that can be implemented to increase the reliability of the electric power distribution system. However, installing RCTS at all maneuvered points requires high investment costs, so it is necessary to prioritize locations based on sequence. In this research, there are 79 alternative locations and 5 criteria were used to prioritize RCTS locations. Alternatives based on the criteria produce different preferences, so these preferences must be measured first with Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Then, Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation (Promethee) were used to get the location ranking order. The results of the AHP method show that the largest criterion weight is the number of customers (43,43%) and the smallest criterion weight is access to the location (4,64%), with a consistency ratio is 0,0787. The results of the Promethee method obtained the highest net flow value is the AMT02-KDG06 feeder maneuver point (0,415) and the lowest net flow value is the PLH03-PLH04 feeder maneuver point (-0,275). The results of the sensitivity analysis by increasing and decreasing the weight to 5%, 10% and 15% obtained no significant change in the rank position of the location and standard deviation.