Information Technology Governance Audit at PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) with COBIT 5 Framework


  • Heppy Oktianatasari
  • R. V. Hari Ginardi


Audit IT, COBIT 5, IT Governance


PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Pelindo 3) is improving its customer services by developing Information Technology (IT) solutions. The Sub Directorate Information Technology and Communication (Subdit TIK) Pelindo 3 implements IT Governance that has been regularly evaluated to optimize and align the solution developed to the company's business strategy. This research aims to obtain a measure of the current and expected capabilities of the IT process, specifically in Subdit TIK Pelindo 3, and to get recommendations to align IT governance with Pelindo 3's business strategy. The research method used is the COBIT 5 framework. The collected data is processed using a weighting method on the RACI Chart and a median value method for IT capability value. The result shows that the IT management capability level implemented in Subdit TIK Pelindo 3 mostly reaches only level 1, while the anticipated capability in 2018 is level 3. It means the company has not currently implemented a defined process or failed to achieve the objectives of the process. In this research, recommendations are developed to improve process capabilities to achieve the targeted capability level of IT management.