Audit Energy for Electricty Saving at PT XYZ


  • Tri Puji Sudarmakno
  • Mohammad Isa Irawan


energy audit, electricity, Energy Saving Opportunity (PHE)


PT XYZ is an integrated multinational engineering, procurement, construction, and installation company service provider. Production activities of PT XYZ require a very large amount of electrical energy. In 2022 electricity consumption will reach 35,459,867 kWh. The Commissioning Building + Deck erection area (Tr. 6D) Division is the area with the largest consumption, namely 8,720,628 kWh. The amount of electricity consumption has an impact on the increasingly expensive production costs. So, it is necessary to save electrical energy through an energy audit. Determination of Energy Saving Opportunities (PHE) in this study uses two calculations, namely Energy Consumption Intensity (IKE) and Specific Energy Consumption (KES). The data in this study is in the form of quantitative data obtained directly from PT XYZ which includes data on electrical energy, area, human resources, electrical installations, total energy consumption and total production in 2022 and during research from February 2023 to April 2023. After an energy audit was carried out and data on IKE and KES values obtained, then identify potential energy savings, which aims to determine the potential for Energy Saving Opportunities (PHE) electricity in the Division of Commissioning Building + Deck erection area (Tr. 6D) PT XYZ. Data analysis was carried out based on the results of energy audits and IKE and KES values. Saving electrical energy in the Division of Commissioning Building + Deck erection area (Tr. 6D) PT XYZ can save up to 15.14 % of electrical energy, so that it will have a significant impact on reducing production costs at the company.