Design of Technical Evaluation Criteria for Procurement of Maintenance and Repair Services in Upstream Oil and Gas Companies


  • Febrita Kusuma Wardana
  • Valeriana Lukitosari


Qualification, Technical Evaluation, Production Facility, Multi Criteria, Sub Criteria, AHP


In the process of procuring services for the selection of contractors in upstream oil and gas companies that comply with PTK 007 SKK MIGAS regulations, an appropriate decision-making method is needed, in accordance with the scope and can be applied, where the technical evaluation assessment requires multiple criteria with respective weightings. Previous research has mostly been carried out in the construction and non-upstream oil and gas industries where the determination of criteria has not been precise and practical as needed which can affect technical evaluation failures. This multi-criteria decision-making method uses the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, the results of which can be made into a mathematical model to determine the assessment of each potential winning Contractor. The research began with identifying the criteria for previous research, the criteria currently used, and the classification of the appropriate criteria where the preparation was carried out using a questionnaire and a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) which was divided into 2 stages until each weighting criterion was obtained. This study resulted in 4 main criteria with 16 sub criteria where the main criteria with the highest weight was the ability to maintain and repair at 38.5%, with 2 sub criteria categorized as passed failed.