Analysis Of Retailer Secured Channel Technology Platform Acceptance Model Using The UTAUT-2 Method


  • Asep Wahyudin
  • Erma Suryani


retailer secured channel, PLS-SEM, trust, UTAUT2


The national cement industry has experienced oversupply since 2017 coupled with the decline in national cement consumption during the pandemic, these conditions have made business competition in the cement sector increasingly stringent. PT XYZ is one of the companies that produce cement in Indonesia with a marketing and distribution network throughout the archipelago, 85% of the company's revenue is derived from the sale of cement products and the remaining 15% from non-cement products. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase in the penetration of online shopping for retail products and a change in people's behavior in transactions. The secured channel retailer technology platform built on a digital ecosystem at PT XYZ is expected to be able to increase the number of users and transactions that are still not optimally used by its customers, this has prompted the author to find out what factors influence the level of acceptance and use. In this study, the authors used the UTAUT 2 method by adding the Trust variable. Using the PLS-SEM and SmartPLS methods as data analysis software to test the research hypothesis using data samples from 184 respondents. The results of this study indicate that of the 11 hypotheses tested, 2 were rejected. The influence of Hedonic Motivation and Price Value on Behavioral Intention is not significant because, on the secured channel retailer technology platform, the retail products sold are basic materials, not an item that is a category of routine needs or needs for pleasure. The Trust variable (TR) has the greatest influence on Behavioral Intention (BI) at 62.5% and the Habit variable (HA) has the greatest influence on Use Behavior (UB) at 47.3%. Service providers need to focus on ensuring the security of users' data and learning new habits of users so that interest in using this technology increases.