Geometric and Pavement Design of Probolingg – Banyuwangi Toll Road Section 1 (Probolinggo – Besuki)

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Mochammad Irfan Arifandi
Cahya Buana


A toll road is a project the government considers as a solution that can decrease congestion so it can become a source of income for the state treasury. One of the Mega Projects of Toll Road currently being worked on is the Trans Java Toll Road Project. One of the toll roads that are part of the Trans Java Toll Road Project is the Probolinggo – Banyuwangi Toll Road, commonly called the Probowangi Toll Road. The Probolinggo – Banyuwangi Toll Road or Probowangi Toll Road is a 171.5 km long toll road that stretches from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi. The construction of the Probolinggo – Banyuwangi toll road itself is intended as an alternative connecting road between the two cities. The old road is Pantura Road which takes 4-5 hours, whereas if people pass the Probolinggo – Banyuwangi toll road, the travel time is only 2 hours. It is expected that there will be an increase in the distribution of goods and services to support the economic growth of the two cities in line with the increase in the trade and industrial sectors of Probolinggo Regency and the increasing number of tourists in Banyuwangi Regency. The calculation results in the Probolinggo – Banyuwangi Toll Road section 1 planning in this study shows that the 46.6 km alignment has 20 Points of Intersection bends and 37 Vertical Points of Intersection. The thickness of the rigid concrete pavement was 350 mm, the layer of Lean Mix Concrete was 100 mm, the drainage layer was 150 mm, and the cement stabilization was 300 mm. The total draft budget obtained was IDR 2.892.506.355.107,06.

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